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But we can't do it without you.

Our vision

WE are more than a bookstore.

If you have noticed, there aren’t many christian bookstores that are still operational today in San Diego. Covid changed everybody’s life upside down and it was no different for me. I bought La Mesa Christian Bookstore during the early months of 2021 with the idea of serving my community for years to come.

We have to become…More than a bookstore…Not only Survive…but to Serve.

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We rent our space for birthdays, business events, group gatherings, etc. however we need to upgrade our space so it's somewhere people are excited to host at. Hosting authors and musicians for book signing and meet and greet events. our goal is to host people like Devon Franklin and Lecrae. We also have plans for our space renovation that includes meeting rooms/work spaces that people can use for podcasts, zoom calls, study rooms, or even just to switch up the work from home life. 

HOSTIng churches

This is a big vision for us and we already have a few small churches in the works. But to make this happen we need to upgrade our space. To provide up to code bathroom for those in wheelchairs. To add TV's to the wall for worship lyrics and to remove some of the bigger furniture that is no longer needed. to make the space a more functional one. Not to mention the paint, electrical work and updated furniture to create a space we're proud to serve in.

COMMUNity space

This is probably what we are most excited for. We will partner with a local coffee shop to bring in coffee to our store with a lounge space to complement it. The hope is it can be a space our community will want to spend time in and connect or even study, We also want to host open mic nights and special events such as "date night for parents" where kids can come hangout, have snacks and watch a movie while parents enjoy a night out locally.

Providing Resources

It has recently come to our attention that there may be families in our area that cannot afford computers, wifi, supplies. So we would like to use some of the money we raise to purchase some of this equipment to provide for those families. Whether it's to come in and use the equipment or to rent out to use at home. We will be building a system for this so that we can give back. we bought this store not only to build community but to give back.



Equipment - $25,000

Resources - $30,000

Marketing & outreach - $20,000

How you can help

We're here to To serve and thrive in both Ministry and Marketplace. Becoming a Resource to the community by earning and building a trustworthy Relationship with both business and consumers. 


This is a place where trends and timelessness work together to bring positive change. We are more than your local bookstore, we are striving to be a place for people to connect in their community and find the support they need.

Help us make our dream a reality.

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